Mayor Kristen Brown

A Hometown Girl with a Passion for Columbus

  • Mayor Kristen Brown is a native of Columbus with humble beginnings. She has deep roots in the community: a sixth generation resident of Bartholomew County on her mother’s side of the family and a fourth generation resident of Columbus on her father’s side.
  • Mayor Brown’s love for Columbus, her passion to serve the people and her capability and courage to make a positive difference led her to run for mayor of her hometown.

A Champion of the People Elected with Mandate for Change

  • Kristen Brown was elected the 36th Mayor of the City of Columbus in a wave of popular support in 2011. She won the Republican primary in a landslide and by a margin of 3:1 over both of the political establishment’s picks on the Republican ticket. She then won the general election by a margin of more than 2 to 1 and after receiving more votes than any mayoral candidate in the city’s history.
  • Voters placed their confidence in Kristen Brown to make government better and more inclusive and to advance Columbus toward an even brighter future.

A Public Servant Who Has Kept Her Promises and More

  • Since assuming office on January 1, 2012, she has delivered on every one of her campaign promises and more.
  • Mayor Brown has lowered taxes, improved services, particularly public safety, provided the environment that ensures our employers prosper and create good jobs, made the tough calls to get our fiscal house in order and made city government accountable and ensured it operates with integrity, transparency a strong citizen voice.
  • She has also invested in vital public infrastructure, repairing our roads and parks facilities and reversing years of deferred investment and neglect. She’s strengthened our neighborhoods and eliminated blight. She’s met the community’s demand for expanded services with no tax increase.

A Leader with Vision and a Plan

  • Mayor Brown, in partnership with the community, developed Columbus’ first community-wide strategic plan and process, “Advance Columbus.” Advance Columbus paints a bold vision for Columbus, defines the community’s highest strategic priorities, leaving no one behind, and sets out the solutions and processes for advancing Columbus toward its vision. Advance Columbus is already achieving tangible results.

A Proven, Qualified Leader

  • Prior to serving as Mayor, Mayor Brown came from a successful career in business, holding numerous positions of increasing responsibility in the fields of banking, investment management and the computer software industry. Brown was a senior executive and Vice President of several leading companies including publicly-traded giants Oracle and Intuit, the developer of Quickbooks, Quicken and TurboTax.
  • Brown graduated at the top of her class from Columbus North High School in 1982. She graduated from Brown University with a B.A., magna cum laude, in 1986 and from Harvard University with an M.B.A in 1993.